Account Setup

How To Set Up & Use MyPSTLog

After you complete the enrollment process...

After enrollment, the initial use of MyPSTLog® requires the one time entry of personal and family health information. This enables the program to create your reports. The more complete you are in responding, the more detailed your analysis and reports will be.

As you enter information, you will be prompted to answer additional questions until the program has collected sufficient data to perform its tasks. The program asks only relevant questions based on each user’s particular responses.

Creating your Patient History and Entering Data

  1. On the MyPSTLog website click on the “Login” menu tab and then click “Patient” on the pull down menu. On the next page access the program by entering your username and password.
  2. From the main menu, select the “Information About Me” and “My Clinical Parameters” headings. Answer all questions that are relevant to you and your condition(s). By completing your history, the program can create a baseline from which each added testing result will be measured.
  3. In the following sections, move through each category, answering questions and adding test results for the medical condition(s) that apply to you. Each category you complete with your history will be incorporated with your test results to enable the reporting software to function.
  4. Click on “Save” to save and then review your results.

Reviewing Your Results

  1. After completing the latest test entry, clicking on the “My RISK EVALUATION” button displays a color-coded bar graph chart assigning Normal, Moderate or High risk for each condition you are managing. Clicking on any color-coded bar on the graph will provide that specific condition’s Health Information.
  2. Clicking on the “My HEALTH INFORMATION” button will display an in-depth written review of your managed condition(s). MyPSTLog also provides educational information to help you with preventive measures relevant to the condition(s) that may apply to you.

To Send Reports

  1. Click on the “Send Report” tab and the Risk Evaluation and Health Information sections will automatically combine into one report for purposes of emailing, faxing or copying.
  2. Your Physician’s information and the names of other authorized persons will appear. Select the desired recipients.
  3. Press “Send” and the Report will be sent and archived in your patient history for review.


  • To achieve maximum value from the program, enter ALL testing results and report to your physician when necessary to stay compliant with your prescribed plan of care.
  • Personal and family medical history, testing results, and report histories are maintained and protected by Case Care Innovations, LLC in strict compliance with standards set by Federal HIPAA regulations for privacy of Personal Health Information (PHI).