Why Subscribe?

Anyone experiencing one or more of the chronic conditions listed on our site can benefit from using MyPSTLog®.

MyPSTLog is safe, secure and completely patient controlled.

MyPSTLog helps you stay in communication with your physician and family.

MyPSTLog provides individual reports after each test and saves prior reports for review.

MyPSTLog provides its users with

Permanent Record

MyPSTLog provides a permanent and reviewable record of compliance with your physician’s testing directions.


Results entered in MyPSTLog are fully encrypted to remain secure from unauthorized access. Our record maintenance security is fully compliant with Federal HIPAA regulations.

Instant Access

After patient authorization, test records are instantly available for your physician’s evaluation. (No more forgotten records sitting back at home when you get to your appointment!)

Insurance Claims

In the event a physician determines that added treatment is warranted, there is instant proof of compliance with the prescribed treatment for the insurer to see. This can also eliminate a potential reimbursement roadblock.