Our Distinct Advantage

The distinct advantage for MyPSTLog® users is the ability to immediately create a Risk Evaluation and Health Information Report based on their health history and latest test result.

The reports are created by algorithmic comparison of patient health history, testing history, and the most recent self-testing result of the patient.

The algorithms used are based on current and accepted academic research and were created under the direction of our medical research partner. MyPSTLog is the only interactive testing, recording and analytic service of its kind.

Using MyPSTLog after each prescribed test gives our clients a better understanding of their treatment’s progress and enables them to:

  • Create a Risk Evaluation in the form of a color-coded bar graph displaying low, intermediate, and high risk.
  • Each Risk Evaluation offers Health Information for educational purposes concerning each condition.
  • Control their medical information and decide who may have access to it.
  • Deliver information to their physician.
  • Save test results for review whenever needed (no lost papers).
  • Alert clients and health care providers to critical changes that require attention between appointments.
  • Maintain client information and reports in compliance with HIPAA standards.